Once we are well made, we all feel the need to have a building of our own making as such we start asking questions and taking steps as regards where to situate the building or perhaps when to start building, which contractor to consult? and also the pricing factor. It is advantageous when you have a building of your own, why get stuck in the mess of a ground rent scandal? Why put yourself in a tight spot of a developer contract that skyrockets in a matter of years when you can self-build for about £1000 to £3000 m/2? This write up is aimed at opening your insight to a few factors to consider when building a house:


The location where your intended building is to be situated is a very important factor to determining your land price and labour cost. Depending on your purse, it Is important to situate your building in a location that is already developed to prevent the problem of being cut off from the world plus the problem of being far away from major places. Your location should enhance easiness of movement from home to work place and other places of choice.


The bigger the size of your building the more the cost to be incurred. You need to strategically think about the size of house you want in relationship to the cost you intend to incur. If Peradventure your total amount saved up is not up to the size you imagine – No worries, build what you can afford, there is room for renovations in months or years to come.


One major factor to consider in building your house is to determine together with your architect specialist the kind of home outlook you want. Make sure it is well planned to fit into your needs and must satisfy the criteria for the kind of house you want for yourself.

Make plans for unforeseen contingencies

There are quite a number of unforeseen expenses that might be incurred during the building process. It is very important to make provision, i.e prepare extra cash for these kinds of expenses.


1. Prevent the rampant case of the ground rent scandal and unnecessary extortions from house owners.

2. It’s possible to build a house with the same amount you’d use in renting a house

3. Your home will be built according to your recommendations and specification

4. You can renovate your building anytime you want without having to seek anyone’s permission.

5. Be your own boss in your own house.